The SIG 556R

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The SIG 556R is the Mercedes-Benz of the Kalashnikov world. It melds the traditional AK caliber and operating system with Swiss precision design and manufacture.  As rugged and reliable as any AK, with the fit and finish of the best fighting rifles in the world, the SIG 556R takes the most successful rifle design in history and brings it into the 21st century.

The two-stage adjustable trigger is among the nicest stock triggers I’ve encountered on a fighting rifle. The Swiss made side-foldings tock is simply exceptional, with a rock solid lockup. When the stock is open, it feels like it a fixed stock, yet when you depress the release button, it folds easily, with a latch to keep it folded.

Field strip the SIG and its Kalashnikov heritage is obvious. Put the bolt side by side with an AK and you’d have a hard time telling which was which at first glance. Combine this with a two-position gas valve with a second setting for harsh conditions and you have an exceptionally reliable rifle.

The polymer handguard makes for a light front end. If you need to attach a light or other accessory, the rifle comes with picatinny rail sections that can be attached at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

The 556R has accepted every steel AK magazine we’ve tried in it. It also accepts many polymer magazines (some Bulgarian mags may require a bit of modification). Unfortunately it does not accept the US PALM AK30 magazines, as they are too wide to fit in the magazine well.

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