Suarez Is Abandoning His Glock?!

Nah….we’re not going to do that. But the headline caused you look didn’t it? I have been getting that question for the last week. Look…Glock is not the only handgun we work with. Take a look at OST and you will see S&W MPs as well as Glocks. We are adding the SIG line as well, and if the all-or-nothing booger-eating socialist morons can’t wrap their heads around that I don’t care.

OK…why did we look at the SIG. Well, Suarez is in fact an international company, and our counter terrorist friends overseas that run SIGs asked about adding an RMR to it. And no, they are not a part of the American Navy….think Europe. Anyway, we assigned our people to it and they did it. And a nice job they did. The good guys now have a pistol they can take suppressed shots at 150 yards with….ooops…I mean meters.

We have been drilling with the SIG pistols for a while now while we did the T&E on it and quite frankly, I see no difference in speed or accuracy. The DA/SA thing is not as big a deal as the detractors would have us believe. There are shortcuts that one can learn, but maybe that is for a video short in the future.

The next time I teach a class, you may see me with a TSD Glock, a SIG P226…or perhaps even an FN. Any gun will do if you will do (a phrase I coined years ago). And an excellent pistol will help you “DO” much better.

SIG, Glock or FN? Same as Omega, Rolex, or Zenith…all good, all quality, and since this is America, the land of want and not need, you can have any of them, or all of them.

Sig Rifles

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